Experiments in Biodynamics since 1998

We have the immeasurable fortune to run a vineyard in an exceptional environment.
 • presence of two steephead valleys: Val de Sorne, Val De Vallière.
 • excellent and varied geology: Lias, Trias, Keuper, micaceous marls, scree.
 • microclimate due to the geographical location of the Jura foothills (between 250m and 400m above sea level).
 • moderate rainfall, hot summers, sunny autumns, freezing soil in winter.
 • natural environment: presence of copses, rivers, embankments, orchards and pastures.

Our daily task is to obtain the best we can from this land, the marls, the vines which suit the Jura climate, whilst also respecting the environment and equally paying particular attention to our health, and that of our employees, customers and consumers.

As we have already mentioned in the pages of this site, our first organic experiments began in 1998, before the entire estate was converted to biodynamics in 2002, with our first DEMETER certification inspection taking place in 2003. Since 2007, we have also been members of the “Renaissance des appellations” movement, and equally participate in the Jura organic winegrowers’ association, which organises the “le Nez dans le Vert” wine tasting event every spring.