Our Philosophy

Only one rule prevails, that of total mastery of all the stages of our work from cultivating the vines to bottling our wines.

Biodynamics has seemed essential and inescapable to us since the end of the 1990s, and it is guided by this philosophy that we want to make the most of each slope, each plot, each grape variety.

If we work in true communion with our vineyard today, it is because we were able to take the time to look back on the forgotten wisdom of the monks, for so long wrongly ignored, who had in fact understood so much about the land that they cultivated and the environment in which they operated.

Today, we have no regrets about the time spent studying ancestral experiments or following the teachings of Yves Hérody and Pierre Masson. And it is with passion that we continue to evolve, sharing knowledge with the whole profession but particularly with those involved in agricultural practices which are sensitive to biodynamics.

Our quest to assert our individual identity has also seen us choose to carry out “massal selection” (reproducing our plants with cuttings from the best vines), researching and rehabilitating heritage grape varieties, selecting our plots (even if it means reducing our total surface area under cultivation) and also tending the vines in the most natural way possible. We have learned through discussions, teachings and experiments always to find a natural and ecological response to the various risks involved in winegrowing. It’s all about motivation, curiosity, perseverance and application.

We are more than ever proud and happy to harvest magnificent grapes which we go on to vinify respecting the Demeter ideology, with minimal intervention, to attain our ultimate objective, a bottle of true wine.

We can assure you that each of our bottles contains a little of our history, a lot of our work and a significant dose of our philosophy. Taste and you will understand…