History & Heritage

The history of our estate has been unfolding uninterrupted for several centuries. For seven generations, our vines have been entrusted to the care of descendants of the same Pignier line.

Now the only winegrowers in the village, we work in a privileged and ideal environment: our vines flourish in a microclimate that is specific to the Jurassian steephead valleys, on slopes dotted with mounds and copses, home to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, with dairy cows for neighbours from early spring, and horses as amused onlookers… All these ingredients give us the confidence to cultivate our vines in accordance with the rigorous requirements set out in the brief relating to biodynamic Demeter certification.

Underpinning all our work are our shared philosophy and culture. We three siblings must be in agreement on our core values, which we pass on to our colleagues who work with us all year long in the winery and in the vines.

To ensure that our fundamental Pignier principles are distilled into all our minds and wines on a daily basis, we each of us put our heart and soul into the success of our missions.

While Marie-Florence takes care of customer reception, managing orders and administrative follow-up, Antoine nurtures the vines whilst also overseeing the harmonious ageing of the wines, and Jean-Etienne navigates between vines which sometimes demand his attention too, and the sales department which requires much of his energy.

And since their shared history has been ongoing for 30 years already, sometimes when the sun goes down, these three companions discuss a crucial question, that of the eighth generation. Thankfully, a name is already on their lips, that of Thibaut, Antoine’s son, who has been racing up and down the vines since he was very young and working alongside us since he finished his specialised training in winemaking, which included occupying positions in different wine regions to gain experience.