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    The village of Montaigu, perched on its rocky hill-peak, is bordered by two gorges whose slopes are ideal for cultivating vines, as proved by geological studies: lias and trias soils on steep gradients with varying exposures in the Côtes du Jura appellation area.

    Since the landscape offers great potential for quality wines, we direct our efforts towards bringing out the best of this special heritage site.

    We attach great importance to the work we do in our vines, and carry out constant and advanced research into biodynamic viticulture. Being the only wine growers in the village, we are ideally placed to tend our vines organically and preserve the numerous strains of wild yeast present in the environment. Characteristics of our local environment include a microclimate created by the gorges, the presence of protective slopes and thickets, and the considerable diversity of the surrounding flora and fauna

    With grapes of such high quality, there can be no question of excessive intervention in the cellar! We follow this principle through to its conclusion by respecting Demeter’s Winemaking Standard (no added sugar or yeast, or any other winemaking additives, little or no S02).

    Since we are able to vinify the wine on our estate in the 13th-century vaulted cellars, there is no need for the wine to be transported great distances.

    In order to guarantee the provenance of our wines, we sell only our own produce. The Demeter logo on our labels bears testimony to our commitment to producing biodynamic wines.

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