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Cellar Secrets

No. 1 – Savagnin aged under a veil of yeast for 40 months in terracotta jars.
A white wine typical of the Jura.

No. 2 – Chardonnay (from the same origin as the Cellier des Chartreux cuvée) aged under a veil of yeast for 36 months in terracotta jars.

We observe a significant loss of volume in the jars, where the veil of yeast is less regular (although the surface area of wine at the top of the jar is smaller), as well as a drop in acidity, but no oxidation. The taste is different, deeper, mellow, and seems sweeter.

The Vines

Geography & Terroir

Val de Vallière steephead valley, in the plot known as “En Boivin”

Clayey Lias marls.

Cultivation Techniques

Biodynamic vineyard, inspected and certified by Demeter France since 2003: we use horn manure (500P), silica (501) and herbal tea treatments. These techniques preserve the indigenous yeasts which contribute to the authenticity and purity of the wines. Our grapes are all picked by hand, sorted in the vineyard and rapidly transported to our cellars in small crates to avoid crushing the grapes, meaning that we only need use very little S02 during vinification.

Grape Variety

Cellar Secrets No. 1: Savagnin with a yield of 22Hl/Ha in 2014

Cellar Secrets No. 2: Chardonnay with a yield of 30Hl/Ha in 2016

Carte des vignes du Domaine Pignier
Terracotta jars
Terracotta jars

The Wine


Pressed slowly; aged in a terracotta jar for 36 months.
The wine is not topped up to compensate for evaporation, leading to the growth of a veil of yeast at the surface of the wine, which is thus protected from contact with the air and oxidation and so develops the walnut and hazelnut aromas so typical of Jura whites.

No added yeast, no chaptalisation, nor any oenological additives.

Light filtration, bottled on a “root” day according to the lunar calendar, sealed with natural, fire-branded corks.

Characteristics of the Vintage

Cellar Secrets No. 1: Savagnin 2014

Spring and the flowering of the vines took place in good conditions. The hot, humid summer quickly matured these delicate grapes, with early ripening, but before the harvest, within a very short period of time they were beset by fruit flies. The whites held up well, but the Poulsard and Pinot Noir were badly affected, so the bunches had to be rigorously sorted. The Trousseau and Savagnin, more resistant varieties, were superb.

Alcohol: 13.5%
Total SO2: 76mg/L
Harvested on 29/09 and 01/10/2014

Cellar Secrets No. 2: Chardonnay 2016

Spring was difficult and a cool and very rainy month of June led to a violent attack of mildew. The hot, dry summer and a very favorable start to the autumn made up for the difficult spring conditions.

Alcohol: 13%
Total SO2: 62mg/L
Harvested on 5 and 6 October 2016

Tasting Notes

No. 1: bright straw-gold colour, with refined yet powerful citrus aromas. On the palate candied citrus fruits and nuts, with good length, finesse and remarkable precision. A wine with a solid structure that will preserve it over a long ageing period (30 years).

No. 2: straw gold colour, elegant but powerful nose of dried fruits. On the palate, roundness and smoothness compete with good length, while retaining great finesse.

Food & Wine pairing

Serve at 16°C as an aperitif with Comté, or with fish, white meats with creamy or spicy sauces (curry) or regional cheeses.

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