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A Jurassian variety par excellence, Trousseau is also difficult to cultivate and gives low but more regular yields (especially Trousseau à la Dame).

This variety with thicker skin is more resistant than Poulsard; it is adapting better to global warming.

Trousseau, the red grape of the future in the Jura…?

Beautiful fruity red wine, silky and deep, with gorgeous colour. The scents of the wine rather remind us of autumn, the forest, and nature in the Jura.

The Vines

Geography & Terroir

Vineyard located in the Val de Sorne steephead valley (southern slope of Montaigu).

South and south-east exposure.
Sandy limestone and variegated Triassic Keuper marls

Cultivation Techniques

Biodynamic vines inspected and certified by Demeter France since 2003.

Use of horn dung (500P), silica (501) and herbal tea treatments. These techniques preserve the indigenous yeasts which contribute to the authenticity and purity of the wines.

Manual harvest with sorting in the vineyard.

Grape Variety

Voluntarily low yield (28Hl/Ha on average, or 1.5 tons per acre) obtained by short pruning and fruit disbudding in order to maintain the natural balance of the wine.

Carte des vignes du Domaine Pignier
Ageing in oak tuns
Ageing in oak tuns

The Wine


Traditional red method: the bunches are destemmed, the juice is not pumped. The cap is punched down while the juice ferments in a vat for one lunar cycle. Starter culture with indigenous yeasts, no chaptalisation, no oenological additives.

Ageing in barrels and demi-muids for 10 months.

No filtration, bottling on a “fruit” day, sealed with natural fire-branded corks.

Characteristics of the Vintage

2019: warm, dry winter, growth was initially rapid, but frost and hail slowed everything down. Disparate yield but of high quality due to the summer sunshine.

Alcohol: 13.5%
Total SO2: <20mg / L
Harvested on 20 and 21/09/2019

Tasting Notes

Light ruby colour, red tints. Nose of beautiful intensity, fruity notes of pepper and red berries. Elegant, refined and very deep wine.

Food & Wine pairing

Enjoy at 15°C with roast meats, cuts of beef or waterfowl and cheese.

Keep for 12 to 15 years.

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