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Superb cuvée produced with Trousseau à la Dame, vinified in amphorae.

Magnificent red wine of great breadth, the perfect expression of the Les Gauthières terroir.

The Vines

Geography & Terroir

Vineyard located in the Val de Sorne steephead valley (southern slopes of Montaigu).
South, south-eastern exposure on sandstone-limestones and variegated Triassic Keuper marls.


A selection of grapes from the “Les Gauthières” slope.

Cultivation Techniques

Biodynamic vines inspected and certified by Demeter France since 2003.

Use of horn dung (500P), silica (501) and herbal tea treatments.

These techniques contribute to the authenticity and purity of the wines.

Grape Variety

Trousseau “A La Dame” embellished with a few bunches of Enfariné (a heritage variety which adds natural acidity to the blend).

Carte des vignes du Domaine Pignier
Terracotta amphora
Terracotta amphora

The Wine


Fermentation in amphorae without SO2 and ageing in the amphorae for 10 months. Natural wine, no filtration, bottled by gravity, with no added sulfur, manipulated in accordance with the lunar calendar, on fruit days, sealed with natural fire-branded corks.

Characteristics of the Vintage

2018: early harvest, superb and generous. The clayey marls retained humidity and freshness in the soils, whilst the hot and dry summer guaranteed beautiful ripe fruits.
Alcohol: 15%
Total SO2: 15mg/L
Harvested on 18 and 19/09/2018

Tasting Notes

Dark cherry red colour, complex aromas of red stone fruits (black cherry), spices and some hints of undergrowth.

Drink at 15°C.

Keep from 8 to 12 years.

Food & Wine pairing

Goes well with roast meats, beef cuts, small waterfowl, and cheese.

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