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    Vin Jaune (yellow wine) is a unique type of white wine, found nowhere outside of the Jura. Its astonishing bouquet results from the combined conditions in which it is produced:
    – a subsoil made up of blue, lias marls;
    – the semi-continental climate of the Jura foothills;
    – a single variety, Savagnin.

    Our estate’s 7.5 acres (3Ha) of Savagnin are grown in the Val de Vallière gorge which associates these three conditions. Our decision to cultivate our vines biodynamically helps us to transform this extraordinary grape into a superb wine with limitless ageing potential. The yield here is voluntarily limited to 1.6 TPA (25Hl/Ha), by means of short pruning and a manual grape harvest involving selective sorting. The white Savagnin wine will age in 228 litre oak barrels (marginally smaller than a standard 60 US gallon barrel) under a veil of yeast for six and a half years, without topping-up or racking, to obtain its powerful flavour of walnuts and spices.
    A strict selection process means that only one barrel out of three will be bottled as vin jaune, in special 620ml bottles; (the volume which is left from a litre of wine at the end of the ageing process).
    Tasting recommendations: vin jaune is best opened 24 hours before serving, or decanted a few hours in advance, then drunk at 16°C as an aperitif accompanied by Comté, gougères (cheesy choux pastries) and walnuts. Alternatively it can be enjoyed during a meal alongside white meat, snails, calf sweetbreads, crayfish, lobsters, spiny lobsters, curries, or dishes spiced with saffron. From the cheeseboard, a slice of Comté or Mont d’Or will perfectly match vin jaune.
    Vin jaune can be laid down for a century!

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