Domaine Pignier
    • French
  • Timeline

    13th century : Carthusian monks founded the vineyard.
    Construction of the Gothic cellars.

    1794 : Our family acquired the estate after the monks fled into exile during the French Revolution.

    1918-1970 : Since the vineyard was in decline after two world wars, Léandre Pignier adopted multiple cropping, retaining just 5 acres of vines.

    1970 : Paulette and François Pignier abandoned multiple cropping and replanted 12 acres of vines.

    1984-1995 : Jean Etienne, Antoine and Marie Florence took over the estate.
    We expanded the estate to reach a cultivated surface area of 37 acres.

    1998 : We began our training in biodynamics with Pierre Masson; our first tests were carried out on the plot known as “en Boivin”.

    2002 : The whole vineyard was given over to biodynamics.
    Our first inspection took place in the same year; the vineyard has been certified by Demeter since 2003.

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