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A Jura grape variety that is full of character, yet difficult to cultivate with irregular harvests. But what finesse, what elegance, you can taste all the fruits of spring in this wine!
Vinified as a red wine, its colour is not very pronounced, but the juice bursts with flavours in the mouth…

The Vines

Geography & Terroir

Val de Sorne steephead valley, south of Montaigu, southern exposure.
Blue Lias marls.

Cultivation Techniques

Biodynamic vines inspected and certified by Demeter France since 2003: use of horn dung (500P), silica (501) and herbal tea treatments. These techniques preserve the indigenous yeasts which contribute to the authenticity and purity of the wines.

Exclusively hand-picked, with sorting in the vineyard and rapid transport in small containers so as not to damage the grapes, fermented without S02.

Grape Variety

100% Poulsard.

Carte des vignes du Domaine Pignier

The Wine


Traditional red method: the bunches are destemmed, the juice is not pumped. Fermentation with punching down of the cap for 15 days. Starter culture with indigenous yeasts, no chaptalisation, no oenological additives.
Aged for seven months in oak barrels and with no added S02. No filtration, bottling on a “fruit” day, sealed with natural fire-branded corks.

Characteristics of the Vintage

2019: warm, dry winter and spring, growth was rapid but late frost twice on 14th April and 7th May, hail in June and July, and scorching episodes in June and July slowed everything down.

Disparate yield but of high quality due to the summer sunshine.
Alcohol: 13%
Total S02: 12mg/L
Harvested on 15/09/2019

Tasting Notes

Light red colour, with a bouquet of small red fruits and animal notes. All the fruit of Poulsard leaps out of the glass, a very pure and natural wine.

Food & Wine pairing

Serve slightly chilled at 10-12°C with starters, smoked meats, or grilled fish and meats.

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