Demeter Certification

The Demeter commitment does not only condition the way we work in the vineyard. It also implies a logical sequence of responsible behaviour in the cellars and all the way through to bottling. The brief frames our use of sulphur, the containers we use, the way we clean, our corks, our bottles… Everything is considered and regulated in light of the concept of naturalness. Even racking and bottling are carried out according to the lunar calendar.

Demeter advocates holistic agriculture, which considers the Earth as a living ecosystem, taking into account the solar and lunar cycles.

It is a philosophy for regenerative agriculture, through the use of herbal teas alongside silica and cow dung preparations. The plants’ innate immunity is strengthened, and they express more strikingly the effects of the terroir where they grow.

Finally, this a positive form of agriculture that provides concrete solutions to current problems, going so far as to anticipate them: soil fertility, climate change, fruit quality, biodiversity, etc.

The numerous experiments carried out all over the world by increasing numbers of certified members are proof of the effectiveness of the precepts of biodynamics, as standardised by the Demeter label whose logo we are proud to be able to legitimately display next to our own brand.

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