The Vines

Geography & Terroir

Val de Vallière steephead valley.

Micaceous, clayey Lias marls.

Cultivation Techniques

Biodynamic vineyard, inspected and certified by Demeter France since 2003: we use horn manure (500P), silica (501) and herbal tea treatments. These techniques preserve the indigenous yeasts which contribute to the authenticity and purity of the wines. Our grapes are all picked by hand, sorted in the vineyard and rapidly transported to our cellars in small crates to avoid crushing the grapes, meaning that we only need to use very little S02 during vinification.

Grape Variety

100% Savagnin with a yield of 24Hl/Ha (1.56 tons per acre) in order to maintain the natural balance of the wine.

Carte des vignes du Domaine Pignier

The Wine


Fermented and aged in oak barrels for seven years under a veil of yeast in our old 13th-century cellars, without topping up or racking. No added yeast, no chaptalisation, nor any oenological additives. After a selective tasting, only 1 out of 3 barrels will become Vin Jaune and will be bottled in a special 620 ml bottle, the quantity remaining from each original litre of juice after the seven-year ageing period. Bottled according to the lunar calendar on a root day, and sealed with natural fire-branded corks.

Characteristics of the Vintage

2009: a wonderful vintage with good weather all year round, including a hot, dry summer. No disease. The Savagnin was harvested in excellent conditions.

Alcohol: 13.5%
Total SO2: 27mg/L
Harvested on 22, 23 and 24 September 2009

Tasting Notes

Rich golden colour, elegant and powerful nose of dried fruits, walnuts and citrus fruits.
Strong and refined on the palate, a racy wine that tastes of walnuts with spicy notes over a very good length.

Food & Wine pairing

Serve at 16°C, uncorked up to 24 hours earlier or decanted into a carafe, this powerful white wine will accompany sea fish, tasty meats in white sauces, mushrooms, spicy sauces and cheeses of character, even exotic cuisine.

A very long-ageing wine.

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